Director’s Note

Hailing from a family of stone quarry workers and having been a stone quarry worker myself, I threw my lot with the community of these workers and we jointly explored options for liberating ourselves from the oppressive living and working conditions we faced and still face. This was the motive and context in which Quarry Workers Development Society (QWDS) took shape. The vision of QWDS is comprehensive so as to incorporate all disadvantaged humans and its mission is to strive for the amelioration of their socio-economic conditions, paving way for their integrated development and ushering in an egalitarian society. Once the vision and mission were set, the field work was uphill and arduous, but we were and are still prepared and enthused for the full realization of our dreams. Our interventions in the living and working conditions of the workers have been steady and substantial and we are hopeful that with the support of the government departments, assistance of well-wishers and other willing enablers, we will be able to achieve our objectives in full measure. Let us all united forge together towards the realization of a worthy cause!

While looking back  over  the past three decades,  I feel assured that QWDS Team  could be partners in releasing  hundreds of stone quarry workers  from bondage. For ensuring  the safety and security of their offspring, we could launch an educational process to enable  their children to grow wings to soar out of their hereditary bondage. Though we could register considerable achievements, we are yet to steer ahead.  The challenges ahead are daunting, yet with immense faith, unbound dedication and growing participation, we are sure of making this society sane for workers and this world righteous for all humans.

S. P. Gnanamoni
Director, QWDS


QWDS’ Vision

QWDS envisions a societal order wherein all humans are equal in economic, political, social and cultural spheres and all workers are treated with utmost dignity.

QWDS’ Mission

QWDS endeavors to realize the empowerment of the quarry workers through facilitation of their organization and capacitating towards their collective leadership, so as to enable them to anticipatorily address and evolve remedies in the areas of children’s development, women’s emancipation, healthcare, environmental safety, socio-economic self-reliance and sustainable development.

Specific Objectives of QWDS

  • To enable organization of all stone quarry workers in Tamil Nadu.
  • To build a team of efficient leaders and dedicated volunteers.
  • To realize workers’ rights in all stone-quarries.
  • To promote empowerment of women workers
  • To study and document the conditions prevailing in the stone quarries.
  • To ensure adequate compensation for victims of accidents and neglect.
  • To facilitate integrated development of stone quarry-workers’ children and ensure their rights.
  • To ascertain the job security of  stone quarry workers
  • To improve the working conditions in the stone-quarries.
  • To ensure social security of stone quarry workers.
  • To ensure formal education for all children of stone quarry workers through schooling.
  • To enhance the healthcare of stone quarry workers and their family members.
  • To enhance environmental protection and eco-development.


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