Child Development

Children’s Clubs

QWDS has organized Children’s Clubs in many villages where stone-quarry workers reside. These Clubs enable children to develop proper attitudes to their dear and near ones, as well as to nurture clean habits and communication/ leadership skills. They are also motivated to attune themselves properly to environment and acquire healthy worldview. Many of these Clubs also double as Tuition Centres to supplement the schooling pursuits of quarry-workers’ children by additional coaching and educational inputs.  Through these Clubs and Centres, QWDS has motivated many school-drop-out children of quarry workers to resume schooling by enrolling them in nearby formal schools. Many of these children, after their schooling, have been motivated to join colleges or technical institutes to become first generation learners in their communities.


QWDS Animators are in constant engagement with the parents to keep the children away from quarries and send them to schools, making them also aware of the Constitutional privilege of “Right to Education”.  The Children’s Clubs have ensured a marked improvement in the educational standards of quarry workers’ children.

Life Skill Education

QWDS has evolved an innovative Life Skill Education (LSE) progarmme in which both male and female adolescents at the age group of 13 to 18 years are enrolled   in groups. Graded modules of various topics are presented to them by resource persons for understanding, discussion and decision-making.  These adolescents learn about good and bad touch, self understanding, communication   skills, evils of drugs, team work and charms of growing up through bodily changes and mental growth. 


Goal-setting has been given priority in LSE and it has helped 55% adolescents to plan their future goals.  LSE also focuses on health, personal hygiene and sanitation. Further it motivates youngsters to attune themselves to vocational trades for landing jobs or engage in self-employment. 

Special Days

Children’s Day (Nov.14) and Anti- Child Labour Day (June 12) are observed every year in villages where stone quarry workers live and nearby schools where quarry children study. Rallies and Seminars are conducted to mark the observance of the Day.


Year after year these Special Days are characterized by growing number of participants and better articulation of child rights and importance of formal education.

Summer Camps


Summer Camps are organized for students and youth during their summer holidays. The objective of this programme is a get-together of school and college students. These camps are also occasions for participation of children and youth, who do not belong to quarry workers’ families, thereby the camps assume a societal character. The speakers are drawn from QWDS streams as well as from government departments of Education, Health, Women and Child Welfare, Labour, Transport, Forest & Environment, Fire Service, and Youth Welfare.  These Camps enable widening of awakenings among the participants and sharpen the understanding of issues children and youth, especially from stone quarry workers, face in day-to-day life. The Camps provide ample opportunity for the participants to free expressions, both artistic and ideological. The results include social harmony, team spirit, inner stimulation and courage. Since the venue of the camps shifts from place to place, the participants get acquainted with different terrains and climates. From year to year the number of sponsors for the Camp programmes is increasing -- a healthy trend indeed!

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