Community Development

Awareness Generation

The stone quarry workers and their family members are generally ignorant of various problems associated with their life and work. Therefore, a sustained multi-level awareness-generation programme at regular intervals has become necessary and essential. The programme consists of awareness education on social education, Right To Education, health awareness, legal rights training and environmental education. Awareness-generation meetings are held at quarry or village levels. Trainings through cultural programmes are effective in creating awareness among the quarry workers and their families.


These non-formal awareness sessions increase the quarry worker’s understanding of his role as a member of society along with his understanding on current affairs. The workers in these sessions are encouraged to share their experiences and opinions.

Gender Sensitization

Gender equality and equity is one of the most important goal of QWDS. To achieve its goal and to abolish gender disparity QWDS conducts several trainings on gender to sensitize the staff and quarry workers on the importance of gender Equality.


QWDS organizes periodical exposure tours to various places of importance where local people’s groups have been able to transform the socio-economic conditions through livelihood models in the communities of farmers, fishers, Advises, women and children. These tours enable critical understanding and appropriate planning of our progammes. 


Seminars & Rallies



In order to highlight the plight of stone quarry workers and facilitating mutual interactions among government officials, stone quarry owners and stone quarry workers, tripartite-interest seminars are regularly organized at  district levels and state level. During these seminars, the face-to-face interactions between officials, owners and workers lead to practical resolutions of grievances and formulations of agendas for the future. It is to be noted that workers look ahead for these seminars with great expectations.

Advocacy Lobby


QWDS strongly believes that lasting change can only be ensured through the due process of legislations and judicial rulings. Having strong faith in the constitution and judiciary, QWDS constantly strives to highlight the plight of the stone quarry workers and bring their predicament to the attention of the Government and the judicial body. Knowledge in labour rights and their enforcement are of very important goals of QWDS. QWDS continues to give primary importance to its advocacy and lobby efforts both locally and nationally.
The demand for a separate board for quarry workers is a main goal of QWDS. QWDS believes that by being recognized as a separate group of workers the rights of the quarry workers can be better ensured.
QWDS also appeared before the High power committee constituted to study the problems of unorganized workers and played a vital role in assessing and understanding the state of life of the quarry workers.


QWDS is credited with several campaigns both at local level and at the state level. While most of the campaigns are addressed towards a better welfare of the quarry workers and establishment of their basic labor and human rights, QWDS also spear-headed several campaigns to initiate policy level changes that will create a hallmark change in the lives of the quarry worker.

Campaign Goals

  • Strengthening of Common School System
  • Taking over of stone quarries by Government
  • Strict implementation of existing labour laws in the quarries.
  • Regulation of usage of explosives used for blasting the rocks.
  • Separate Board for Quarry workers to ensure job security and improvement in        working conditions.
  • Enhanced social security.


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