Livelihood Promotion

Skill Trainings

Skill trainings to adolescent boys and girls with alternative skills such as Computer education, Tailoring and Driving will enhance their livelihood and service opportunity.

Tailoring Training


85 girls have been equipped with the skills in tailoring, embroidery and garment-making. This programme has enabled these girls to form livelihood groups -- 10 to 15 girls teaming up as entrepreneurs – by tying up with garment-making industries in Karur and Tirupur, which are towns nearer Dindigul.  These girls are also in contact with banks, TIIC, DIC, THADCO and Khadi and Backward Class Welfare Department for mobilizing capital to set up garment-making units locally. QWDS is providing them guidance in organizing their enterprise and marketing the products.

Computer Education

QWDS is providing 6-month computer education course to a group of 20 boys and girls every year.  The course will include skill input, language practice and  tips on office work. QWDS is taking steps to secure them jobs in private firms and in government programmes such as ‘puthu vaazhvu’. 

Driving Training

QWDS is facilitating training in Driving for 20 boys every year, by enrolling them in authenticated Driving Schools. After the training, the boys are helped to get their Driving License along with Badge. This makes them employable. They can be employed by private persons/ firms or even as Drivers in lorries, compressors, JCB and such other four-wheelers. They can take a test and, if successful, can join government service. 

Income Generation Activities

Stone quarry workers, who are most deprived, are provided by QWDS with quarry implements. A set of quarry implements consists of  2 hammers, 1 sledge hammer, 1 crowbar and 2 pitchers for each worker. The provision of quarry implements enables workers to undertake jobs by themselves without waiting to avail implements on rental charges.

QWDS also provides 2 milch goats each to the most deprived quarry worker families. This programme enables such families to earn an additional income to the respective families.

These Income Generation Activities are monitored by locally organized Household Committees, each Committee consisting of community representatives, local Panchayat Ward members and a local member of QWDS Staff Team.

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